Our Business

Committed to people, innovation and collaboration

As part of one of the world’s leading conglomerates in the consumer and commercial sectors, we believe in a holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing. To achieve this, we have focused our investments on the following primary businesses:

  • AJ Biologics
    A vaccine production facility with capabilities to manufacture a range of vaccines targeted to the local, regional and global markets.
  • AJ Research & Pharma
    The commercial arm catering to the branded generic pharmaceutical, aesthetics, dermo-cosmetics and nutraceutical segments with a strong presence in ASEAN, GCC, Middle East and North African markets.

Our businesses demonstrate their innovative capabilities by translating customer and end-user insights into meaningful solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives. Both AJ Biologics and AJ Research & Pharma, are geared towards shaping a secure future for Malaysia’s health sector while helping people live a healthier life.

This vision is further enhanced through the transmission of technology, innovation and knowledge by AJ Vaccines. As a part of the Al-Jomaih global network, AJ Vaccines acts as a strategic partner to AJ Biologics in Malaysia in driving innovation and enhancing AJ Biologics’ vaccine portfolio. AJ Vaccines’ portfolio is synergistic to AJ Biologics’ aim of bringing a balanced pediatric and adult vaccine offerings to meet the public health needs of Malaysia and targeted regional and global markets.

AJ Vaccines

Formerly known as the Statens Serum Institute (SSI), the vaccine producer and manufacturer based in Copenhagen, Denmark was established as a public enterprise under the Danish Ministry of Health in 1902. Today, AJ Vaccines is a part of the Al-Jomaih group and is internationally recognised for producing vaccines that are critical for the public health needs of countries around the world. These include the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), BCG and many more.

AJ Biologics

AJ Biologics is AJ Pharma Holding’s first state of the art vaccines facility in Malaysia and adheres to cGMP and international accreditation standards. The facility is the manifestation of our commitment to bringing a balanced pediatric and adult vaccine portfolio to meet the health needs of Malaysia and targeted regional and global markets.

As a company that has been awarded with the BioNexus status and recognised as an Entry-Point-Project (EPP) under the National Key Economic Area (NKEA), our primary role is to advance the availability, accessibility and affordability of trusted vaccines in Malaysia. Beyond that, we are committed to addressing the rise of endemic diseases in the region through continuous community education, research, development and innovation.

Located in Bandar Enstek, Malaysia, AJ Biologics’ vaccine formulation facility will be operational by Q4 of 2018.

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AJ Research & Pharma

AJ Research & Pharma is the commercial arm of AJ Pharma Holding, catering to the branded and generic pharmaceutical, aesthetics, dermo-cosmetics and nutraceutical segments. Headquartered in Malaysia, the company also enjoys a strong presence in ASEAN (namely Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos), GCC, Middle East and North African markets.

The company boasts a strong regional regulatory affairs network to ensure swift approvals of products and compliance with local requirements. Realising that people are key in the pharmaceutical business, we have positioned dedicated marketing and sales teams in each of the markets we operate in to ensure better customer engagements.

To date, we carry some of the most prominent brands in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical segments such as Chewies, Vitraplus, Penta Sure and FrezyDerm.

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AJ Vaccines

AJ Vaccines produces and markets vaccines from its manufacturing site in central Copenhagen. AJ Vaccines is the result of the acquisition of the vaccine manufacturing arm of the Statens Serum Institute (SSI) by the healthcare investment arm of the Aljomaih Group. Established in 1902, the manufacturing facility was originally owned by the Danish Government and primarily produced sera against diphtheria.

Today, AJ Vaccines manufactures a range of vaccines which protects against whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, polio and tuberculosis. The facility currently has a staff strength of approximately 600 individuals. This number is expected to grow significantly in the next couple of years to fulfill the company’s ambitious growth plans.

As part of the Aljomaih group of companies, AJ Vaccines significantly complements the business of AJ Biologics, and opens the Groups’ vaccine presence across Europe.

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