About Us

Improving lives through affordable and accessible quality healthcare

At AJ Pharma Holding, we strongly believe that investing in healthcare and technology is the best way to drive our aspiration of providing access to affordable and quality healthcare for all. The vision was firmly laid out in 2012, when AJ Pharma Holding was established by the Aljomaih Group of Saudi Arabia as a dedicated healthcare investment company in Malaysia.

Since then, we have been putting the building blocks in place to become a significant contributor to the nation’s economic growth, technological advancements and overall community wellbeing.

As an investment company, we set ourselves apart from our peers and competitors by identifying the unmet needs of the communities we operate in and working towards highly beneficial outcomes for society. This is what gets us recognised as a strategic, social and financial contributor to any part of the world that we operate in.

Beyond that, we are also firm supporters of continuous learning and improvement through partnerships and collaborations. In this way, we ensure that AJ Pharma is on track to become a trusted name amongst business and industry players, healthcare professionals and consumers in Malaysia and the markets we enter.

Mission & Vision

Being strategic in how we invest

To realise our vision of making affordable and accessible quality healthcare a reality for everyone, we currently focus our investments on two main projects; the establishment of a vaccine manufacturing facility and the development of a pharmaceutical and nutraceutical business.

Both projects are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur while the manufacturing facility is located in Bandar Enstek, Malaysia and will serve the local and regional markets in the immediate term. Beyond that, we will also include the Middle East market in the future.

We are guided by our aim is to establish a world-class facility and trusted brands. To this effect, we strive to ensure that our vaccine manufacturing facility will adhere to the highest international standards such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) that include EMEA, PICs and WHO-PQ.

Our vaccine manufacturing facility is developed to improve Malaysia’s vaccine access and vaccine security while also meeting the immunisation needs of the ASEAN region. Likewise, our pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is designed to offer a wide range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that focus on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

As a focused leader in health investment, we are determined to build upon our experience and capabilities to meet the needs of industry players and medical professionals, and subsequently touch millions of lives in Malaysia and around the world.

Investment Philosophy

Continuous developments through partnerships and collaboration

Our investment philosophy is designed to strike an effective balance between creating value for our investors while delivering on our mission and vision.

To do this, we take the time to truly understand the markets we operate in by learning about their challenges, unmet needs, and how they work. This is done through collaborations and partnerships with the right organisations. From this, we identify the types of time frames that are needed to ensure the success of every investment effort and execute them accordingly.

Unlike players that are focused on mitigating investment risks through a comprehensive exit strategy, at AJ Pharma Holding, we are primarily motivated by the long term sustainable impact that we can deliver to the community. This is the success benchmark that has given us the reputation for excellence in any region we operate in.

Corporate Governance

Building trust and credibility to save lives

Being in the business of saving and improving lives, building our credibility to become a trusted name in healthcare is highly important to us. To achieve this, we adopt the highest standards of good corporate governance, integrity and ethical practices. These values form a significant part of our core beliefs and are reflected in everything that we do.

The Aljomaih Group

Founded in 1936, the Aljomaih Group (Aljomaih) is a Saudi-based industrial conglomerate engaged in manufacturing and distribution partnerships. With assets of over USD3 billion (MYR12.78 billion), the Group plays a leading role in the consumer, commercial and industrial sectors in Saudi Arabia. Some of its major investments include General Motors, Shell Oil, Yokohama Tires and Pepsi-Cola.

The Group also actively invests in the telecommunications, energy, petrochemicals, financial services, real estate and aviation sectors within the Gulf region. These investments are made on a stand-alone basis and in club deals with similar investor groups.

Globally, Aljomaih has invested and is operating in the following sectors:

  • Power and Water
  • Aerospace
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications

With over 80 years of industry presence and legacy, the Group attributes its success and longevity to its entrepreneurial activities and ability to anticipate change. More than that, it embodies an on-going commitment to developing successful long-term relationships with national and international partners.

Diversification is also at the core of the Group’s business philosophy and growth strategy. This has resulted in the increase of its employee base to over 6,000 personnel around the world.